Overnight Camping Spots Closer to Home on the East Coast

  Many people on the East Coast look to faraway places to experience an outdoor adventure. Some travel as far away as Utah, California or the Pacific Northwest for an overnight camping spot.       However, a great escape doesn’t have to be a trek to a remote area of the U.S. or some distant […]

Top Outdoor Activities around the Chattooga River

Top Outdoor Adventure | Southeastern Expedition

  Rivers are earth’s oldest roller coaster. When you take a trip to the Chattooga river, you’re going on a truly unique adventure. The river itself is an oasis – a very long one – and it places you in the cradle of nature and in the center of adventure and whitewater excitement. It’s not […]

What to Expect on Your First Rafting Trip

  Expect the unexpected!   Yes, river rafting is that thrill-seeking experience just like riding on the front seat of a roller coaster! Every turn is unexpected and every drop takes your breath away leaving you want more and more!      

Planning an Outdoor Adventure with Southeastern Expeditions

White Water Rafting | Outdoor Excursions | Southeastern Expeditions

  There are lots of things to do in North Georgia, but there’s nothing like an outdoor adventure with Southeastern Expeditions. Everyone knows that a trip with Southeastern Expeditions is the best way to experience whitewater river rafting on the wild and scenic Chattooga. An adventure on the mighty Chattooga is a must have experience for […]